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Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Supernatural Crossovers

Hunting and Slaying Series: A Buffy/Supernatural Crossover series that begins a little over halfway through the 6th season of Supernatural and 2 years post BtVS season 7. I have played with the Buffy timeline by pretending the series ended in 2009 rather than 2003. BtVS comics aren't included. My overall goal with this series is to introduce and meld the two worlds and have Buffy/Dean goodness. I also want to create my own vision of SPN s6. Expect things to veer from SPN s6 canon. The Slayers and the Hellmouth will play a big part in the plot to open Purgatory.

   Part 1: Grand Canyon  The Summers girls and the Winchesters meet while visiting the Grand Canyon. It's 
                supposed to be a vacation, but trouble seems to follow these characters. Genre: Humor, Adventure, Romance 
                Working toward Buffy/Dean.  Rating: PG-13

    Part 2: Take the Long Way Home  The Winchesters and Buffy meet up once again. This is an alternate take on the 
                events of SPN S6. The story will have a big focus on Buffy/Dean and also features Sam/Faith. Genre: humor,
                romance, sex, adventure, and drama.  Rating: R

                Can't Get Enough  Missing scene from Take the Long Way Home. Faith and Sam are alone in the Slayer
                School's weapons room after months of unresolved sexual tension.  Genre: Smut  Rating: NC-17
    Part 3: Monster Mash  Drusilla has evil plans & thinks Dean looks like a fun new toy. Buffy’s undead exes come to
                the ‘rescue’. Dean’s not at all happy about having to deal with a bunch of ‘fake’ vampires. Oh and Buffy’s
                REALLY pregnant too. Genre: Humor, Romance  Rating: PG-13

    LOOSELY Related Crack!fic: In the Arms of an Angel -- by SamLicker81 This is Becky Rosen's reaction to reading
    Grand Canyon and Take the Long Way Home. After reading 'Chuck's' latest novel, she's not happy about Sam/Faith and
    she fights back the only way she can... with quite possibly the worst piece of fanfiction since My Immortal.  Genre: 
    Humor, Crack, Plain Stupidity  Rating: PG-13.  I apologize in advance.

Other Buffy/Supernatural Crossovers
And the Winner Is... - It's a mystical items auction! Bobby and Giles are both in attendance and both after the same item. 
                                     Oh boy.  Genre: Humor, Gen  Rating: PG-13

   Invisible Terror -        This story takes place shortly after the SPN s2 ep Folsom Prison Blues. The Winchesters have
                                     slipped through Henriksen’s fingers once again and the FBI isn’t amused. This time they decide to 
                                     call in a specialist to eliminate Sam and Dean. That specialist is named Marcie Ross and she
                                      just so happens to be invisible (to most people anyway). Genre: Drama, Gen Rating: PG-13

   It Sucks to be the Grownup - Cas is shocked when he learns that the ‘Key to Purgatory’ is one hell of a thief and, as
                                                usual, Dean suffers the consequences. Buffy doesn’t have much fun either. Basically, it
                                                sucks to be the grownup. Genre: Humor, Gen  Rating: PG-13

   A World of Wonder -  The world looks very different when seen through the eyes of his temporary vessel. Michael
                                      certainly didn't expect to develop feelings for her.  Michael/Buffy (sort of)  Genre: Drama 
                                      Rating: PG-13

   Need a Little Christmas  - It may be Christmas Eve, but Cas is still anxious to see Buffy. Maybe he'll even get a kiss.
                                            Genre: Fluff, Romance   Rating: PG-13

   Common Ground - To fill a prompt for some Sam/Dawn Stanford!fic.  Genre: Romance, Adventure  Rating: PG-13

Supernatural Fics


   The Cheese Flavored Ones Ain't Bad - Teenchester drabble. Dean's high and apparently Bobby doesn't have much 
   actual food in the house Genre: Gen, humor Rating: pg-13

   Wing Man - Teen!chesters. Sam asks Dean for help in talking to a girl. Genre: humor, fluff Rating: PG-13

   Urban Legend - 17 yr old Dean decides to take a girl to a "haunted" tunnel on a date. Sam doesn't think that's such a 
   great idea. Genre: mildly het, humor  Rating PG

   Hell House '97 - Dean convinces 14-year-old Sam to dress up for a church's "haunted house", so he can try and score
   with the preacher's daughter. This just may explain why Sam is so anti-Halloween in the pilot. Genre: mildly het, Humor 
   Rating: PG

Season 1

   Rules of the Highway - Set in S1. The guys get some unusual compensation for a job well done. It's a huge bag of weed
  and they'll need lots of pie. Genre: Gen, Humor Rating: R (I guess... since pot is still technicallly illegal, isn't it?)  

Season 3

    The Professionals - Outsider POV. Set in S3. The guys go to a pharmacy after Dean is injured on a hunt. Of course
    their visit is a memorable one. Genre: humor, gen Rating: PG13

Season 4

    Fanfiction Trauma - Missing scene from The Monster at the End of This Book. The story of the first and only time Sam
    ever read SPN fanfiction or How he learned what SPN 'slash' fiction was. Genre: Humor Rating: PG-13

    The Hazards of Fanfiction - Dean's curiosity gets the better of him and he decides he HAS to read what the self
    proclaimed 'Dean girls' have been writing about. Set in S4, shortly after The Monster at the End of This Book.
    Genre: Humor, Gen. Rating: PG-13

Season 5

   The Great Gender Fail (of the Apocalypse) - Set in S5. Sam goes to Bobby for help after a witch's curse turns Dean
    into a woman. Problem is, Dean thinks he's found his calling as a lesbian. Genre: Gen, crack!fic Rating: pg-13

   Fifty Shades of Sammy - The Trickster is messing with the boys again, but instead of TV Land, this time he drops them
   into Fifty Shades of Grey.  Genre: Humor, Gen  Rating: PG-13

   Fifty Shades Weirder - Follow-up to Fifty Shades of Sammy.  This time we go into the mind of Ana from FSOG. 
   Genre: Humor, sot of hetish Rating: PG-13

Season 6

    For the Otters - Ficlet. Missing scene from S6 ep The French Mistake where the guys have to participate in a barely
   dressed photoshoot for a charity photo auction. Genre: Gen, humor Rating: pg-13

    Moonstruck - Reverse Mini-bang Fic.  The quest for robo!Sam’s soul is still at a dead end, so the boys decide 
    to take on a ‘regular’ hunt, which ends up leading them straight into a coven of moon-worshipping 
    witches. As usual, the evil chick has her heart set on Sammy and Dean has yet another craptastic
Genre: Gen, Humor w/ touch of angstiness  Rating: PG-13

Season 7

    All the Way - Set in S7. The spirit of an ancient warrior is haunting the Waffle House.  Good Times. Genre: Humor
    Rating:  PG-13  (very loosley a crossover with Game of Thrones)

    The Hustler - The Leviathans are still on their tail and money is tight, yet Dean suddenly has piles of cash. Sam has no
    idea where he’s getting it from and big bro’s not talking. Genre: humor, gen Rating: PG

   Cat Scratch Fever - Dean finds himself under the spell of some rather demanding kitty cats after another one of the
    Leviathans’ experiments with food additives goes awry during a small town festival. Sam’s pretty sure his big brother
    has finally lost his mind. Genre: Gen, Humor Rating: PG
    So Help Me God -  Sam and Dean visit Cas in the psych hospital after he convinces them something supernatural is
    happening there.  Cas seems convinced he's found the answer to all their problems.
    Genre: Angst, Gen  Rating: PG-13

Non-Specific Season

    A Proud Family of Idjits - Ficlet. Decades/centuries later, the Winchesters have inspired their own religion. Genre: Crack,
    Gen.  Rating: G

    Not Me - deaged!Dean.  Genre: humor, gen  Rating: PG-13
    Not Cool - follow-up to Not Me.  Dean's still de-aged.  Genre: humor, gen Rating: PG-13
    Not Fair - the conclusion to the de-aged series.  Dean's a toddler now. Poor Sammy. Genre: humor, gen. Rating: PG-13

    Research - Dean does some interesting research after recieving yet another concussion. Genre: humor, gen Rating:PG

    Dude it's Meat Loaf! - Sam's had a crap day. Dean tries to cheer him up with cheesy roadside attractions and off-key
    singing. Genre: Gen, Humor Rating: PG-13

   At Least They've Got Cereal (Buffy/Community Crossover) - Faith is not entirely sure how she ended up living in
    a blanket fort in some guy's dorm room. But hell, it's not so bad for now and she's always liked cereal. Genre: Gen,
    Humor  Rating: PG-13

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