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I really want to write something, but I just can't seem to find my focus. I have several plot bunnies, but they're all stubborn and like to hop away as soon as I try to capture them on paper. So, instead of continuing to beat my head against a wall on those ungrateful little turds, I'm going to do something a little crazy different to get my head back in the game. I'm hoping this will cause those bunnies of mine to get jealous and cooperate with me.  

I'm doing it this way, because I know that if I've promised someone something, I am generally quite determined to follow through.

As you all know, pure Supernatural and Supernatural/Buffy crossovers are my thing.

So, I'm putting the call out and hopefully someone will take me up on it. I will write your prompt as long as it is gen or het and/or does not involve tentacles ;)  

As far as pairings go - fair warning - I feel I can only reliably do Buffy/Dean.  I've tried other stuff and I just have a very hard time getting inspired, and I really need that to write a pairing.  So if you ask me for a different pairing, I will *try*, but you may get mixed results.  I am promising 1000 words at the least, but infinity is the limit if my muse really grabs hold.  Time limit depends on how many prompts I get.

Long story short - Does anyone have anything they would like to see me write? A continuation of something I've already written, perhaps?  A brand new idea?  Something cracky?  Something serious? A little of both? Anything?

ETA: If you'd like a prompt from me as well, just let me know what you are willing to write and I'll give you one.


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