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Title: High School Dropout
Prompt: Dean will always take the fall. by [ profile] tigriswolf
Rating: PG-13 for language and drug references
Characters/Pairing: Sam, Dean (no pairings)
Genre: gen
Wordcount: 431

Why/how did Dean drop out of high school? )

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I'm addicted to [ profile] comment_fic these days. Anyway, this is to fill the prompt: Supernatural, Cassie, Most people were visibly surprised (or worse) when they saw pictures of her parents--Dean wasn't by: [ profile] zelda_addict

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These are a few comment fics I've written over the past week for the Summer Fun Comment Fic Meme and the Outsider POV Meme over at [ profile] spn_bigpretzel.  It's really worth checking out.  Lots of fun little fics.

All of these are gen and, as usual, quite silly.

To fill [ profile] sameuspegasus prompt: That guy has a really weird relationship with his cat. He's treating it like - well, like a brother, really.

Too Much Catnip )

To fill [ profile] ficwriter1966's prompt: Wee Sam and Dean go seashell hunting on the beach, and find a GIANT SCARY MONSTER. (A crab or some such thing.)

Monster on the Beach )

To fill [ profile] auntmo9's prompt: Summer isn't just a time for beaches, picnics and baseball. It is also an awesome time for movies.And we know the boys see movies(Dean saw The Black Swan twice!) I would love to be a fly on the wall while they watch a movie in a theater, or even try to decide on which movie to go see with their different tastes. My weird brain has wondered what the two of them would have to say about the movie that is coming out this weekend Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. The potential for snark and Buffy references alone...

Sam and Dean at the Movies )

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Decided I'd try my hand at one of the [ profile] comment_fic prompts.

A Proud Family of Idjits
Wordcount: 321
Prompt: Supernatural, Sam & Dean, decades/centuries later the Winchesters are an entire religion on their own ... with myth, facts and beliefs 
Prompter: [ profile] mangacrack

We're a proud family of Idjits )


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