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Title: Hell House '97
Summary: Dean convinces 14-year-old Sam to dress up for a church's "haunted house", so he can try and score with the preacher's daughter. This just may explain why Sam is so anti-Halloween in the pilot.
Artist: [ profile] heartblowswild
Rating: PG
Characters: Sam, Dean, a few OC's. No real pairing, just Dean being a hormonal teen over a pretty girl.
Wordcount: ~1,700
Warning: Complete irreverence toward the bizarre practice of "Christian" Hell Houses. IMHO there is nothing Christian about them.
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Title: Wing Man
To fill the [ profile] spn_bigpretzelSummer Fun!!! Comment Fic Meme prompt: teen!chesters. A situation where Sam asks Dean’s help in talking to a girl and befriending her. Dean helps at first, but later on gives Sam hell for it... and all that teasing makes Sam blush!!!  Prompter: [ profile] dollysdoodles
: Dean, Sam, background OFC
Rating: PG-13 for language, underage drinking, and young Sammy getting a little bit of offscreen action
Genre: Mostly Gen w/ some het innuendo, Humor, and a bit of schmoop
Wordcount: ~2500
Disclaimer: Still don't own and still not getting paid for this.

A/N: It's almost 90 degrees here in the mountains and I started thinking about how sorry I felt for you guys a little further east, because it has to be 1000 degrees there ;-) So, this is the result.  It’s the summer of 1998. Dean’s 19, Sam’s 15, and they’re stuck in the Carolina flatlands in July (bless their hearts). Sam drags his brother to a traditional low country 4th of July pig pickin’.  And why the heck would Sammy want to do something like that?

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